Massage Therapy

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Massage Therapy

Massage is considered to be part of complementary therapies and has numerous benefits for many health conditions such as muscle tension, Stress, anxiety, joint mobility and circulation to name a few. I have trained in.

Swedish Massage - is one of the most popular techniques of massage it involves soft, long and kneading strokes and its aim is to promote relaxation by releasing muscle tension.

Balinese Massage – Deep Tissue Massage - This is a fantastic massage technique that use deep pressure, slow strokes and notable pressure to help release tension and tightness held in the muscles and connective tissues. This treatment can bring about relief from sports injuries, increase circulation, reduce inflammation and increase a sense of well-being. *NOT SUITABLE FOR CLIENTS SUFFERING WITH HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE, DIABETICS OR PREGNANCY *

Back Neck & Shoulder 45 Mins - £38
Full Body 75 Mins - £60
Indian Head Massage 45 mins - £40
Hot Stone Back Massage 45 Mins - £50
Hot Stone Full Body 75 Mins - £70
Traditional Balinese Back Massage 60 Mins - £50
Traditional Balinese Full Body 90 Mins - £70
Deep Heat Back Massage 45 Mins - £50
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