Pregnancy Care

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Pregnancy Care

A Holistic approach to pregnancy can help with the ever growing changes to your body. Pregnancy Massage can help ease pain and discomfort, muscle tension, leg cramps, sciatic nerve pain etc. As lying on your tummy during pregnancy is not recommended this treatment is carried out in a side lying position with lots of pillows for extra comfort. During pregnancy, Reflexology is one of the most recognised treatments to help with the physical effects such as sickness, digestive discomfort and aches and pains. Reflexology can help balance the emotional effect each trimester can bring and help ease any stress or anxiety.

From 38 weeks I can adapt the Reflexology routine with a 1 hour treatment focusing on the Reproductive Reflexes and Acupressure points combined with a blend of CPTG DoTerra essential oils to help your body process into labour naturally.

*Research has shown that regular sessions of Reflexology help reduced labour times and alleviate the intensity of labour pain.

Pregnancy Back Massage 45 Mins - £38
Pregnancy Full Body 75 Mins - £60
Pregnancy Reflexology 60 Mins - £43
Aromatherapy Reflexology 38-40 weeks 75 Mins - £48
Pregnancy Back Massage & Reflexology 90 Mins - £70
Pregnancy back/leg and reflexology 75 Mins - £50
Mother Nurture Pregnancy Package 105 Mins - £90
Baby on Board Pamper Package 120 Mins - £100
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